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Default Setting up an EFS filesystem: create the filesystem

This part will need to be done separately for each AWS region that you use (but for now let's just do one region).

In this section, we will create an EFS filesystem.

Go to the Elastic File System page at . The page will warn you if you are in an AWS region where EFS is not yet available.

Make sure you are in the AWS region you intended to be in, and change it if necessary. The region name is indicated at the top right part of the page. Make sure it is a region where EFS is available. As of July 2016, only N. Virginia (us-east-1), Oregon (us-west-2), Ireland (eu-west-1) regions have EFS.

Click on the blue "Create file system" button.

We are now on a new page.

For "VPC", keep it at the default value (this is the VPC you will use when you run all your instances).

In the "Create mount targets" section, there are two or more rows.

Keep all the entries under the "Subnets" column at the "default" values.

Keep all the entries under the "IP address" column at "Automatic".

Under the "Security group" column, remove the default security group in each row and add the efs-mount-target security group (or whatever you named it), which you created in the "Create a new security group for mounting EFS" section earlier.

Click on the blue "Next Step" button.

We are now on a new page. In the Add Tags section, the first line under the Key heading is "Name". You can fill in the Value field with something like worktodo or whatever you like.

For the Performance Mode section, change this from "General Purpose" to "Max I/O".

Click on the blue "Next Step" button.

We are now on a new page. Click on the blue "Create File System" button.

This creates the EFS filesystem. It will have a File System ID of the form fs-xxxxxxxx, where each "x" is a hexadecimal digit.

Write down or copy the file system ID of this newly created filesystem. You will need it later.

Next section: Setting up an EFS filesystem: make sure you have an instance running with the right permissions

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