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I protest the removal of my last post in this thread, wherein I demonstrated that LaurV is not being honest about his motive. At the time I posted it, there was not yet any declaration that the discussion was closed!

This post is intended to take the place of my post which was deleted. I will not make any more posts discussing this matter (unless this post is deleted without restoration of my preceding post). I request that either

a) my previous post, which was validly posted before discussion was closed, be restored, or

b) this post be allowed to remain in its place as my final post in this discussion.

(It now occurs to me that you might have moved my last post into the Pirate Game 2 discussion forum. That's an acceptable alternative to me, as would moving this post to there, also.

BTW, why has no moderator had the courtesy yet to inform me of this deletion/move or its reason?)

LaurV's excuses have each been shown to be false, readily refuted by the record of past discussion by Pirates on game 2 once that is accessible by all after the game is finished.

The truth is that LaurV gets (this wasn't the first time in this game) impulses that he can't control -- impulses to post a move before the team has voted and before there is real agreement, without authorization from the rest of the team. He's frequently written that he's relieved to be rid of the burden of posting the move right after he posts it.

LaurV's uncontrollable impulses will continue to be a detriment to any team he's on as captain, until/unless he admits to himself that he cannot control his impulses to post moves before the rest of the team has agreed on them.

As for LaurV's lie about "no alternative was viable", there are at least four other viable moves --- including one which no one else on our team had yet mentioned at all.

So, not only is LaurV's "no alternative was viable" a lie, so is his "the move was the best we could do" -- since LaurV has given no sign that he's even considered the move I've analyzed that no one has yet mentioned! This move may very well have been better than Bh3+. LaurV has no way whatsoever to have known that the move, for which he did not give me the chance to show the team my analysis while there was still time to have agreed to make it instead of Bh3+, was not the best move.

I wish LaurV would be honest about his inability to control his impulses to post a move before the rest of the team has agreed on it, instead of trying to create a dishonest smoke screen. That inability of LaurV's might be a factor in future decisions about which team to join -- if, that is, potential team members are made aware of it ahead of time, instead of having it sprung on them as a surprise after the game starts.

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