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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Sorry that I am waking up this topic. I searched for it in the light of this new discussion, I did not get the right thing I was searching for, but reaching this topic remembers me that I had implemented the "420 classes" not long after this discussion, doing a pari script to generate the vectors. The code might be useful to somebody, so I will include here. It is about 15% faster than the "60 classes" code described in the posts above. It also eliminates the restriction that the starting q be a multiple of 420. The version with 4620 classes would be slower because of overhead (hey! pari is not mfaktc!).

Somebody can use it for understanding how mfaktc works, or for TF-in small exponents which are outside of the mfaktc range (again, there are much faster programs there outside, this is not for "production" purposes).

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