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Default PFGW 3.2.1 has been released

You can d/l the Windows and MacIntel builds from these links. I will post a link for the linux build when it is ready.

PFGW for Windows
PFGW for MacIntel

Please do not use IE to get these files. IE seems to want to d/l the files as text instead of binary which will mean that you cannot unzip them after d/ling as the zip archive will be corrupted. You should use a better browser such as Safari or FireFox.

Enhancements to: v3.2.1 RC 1d
  • Built with updated 25.12 gwnum library.
  • Fixed ROUNDOFF error during primality test by using carefully routines during first and last 30 iterations.
  • Verify that values do not exceed limits so that special modular arithmatic can be used. For example k must be less than 1e53.
  • Verify that d (of (k*b^n+c)/d) divides evenly otherwise special modular arithmatic cannot be used.
  • Add check for SUMOUT error during primality test.
  • Fixed a bug intorduced in 3.1 that prevented PFGW from finding Fermat factors.
  • Renamed this file to release_notes.txt. Removed RELNOTES.

Thanks again to testers for finding many of these bugs.

Thanks also to George for his diligence with testing his library and for helping me understand it a little better.

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