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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
Use srsieve to start the sieving (it can accept a file with a list of k's as input--just enter one expression, such as 123*3^n-1, per line), then when you've reached about p=0.5G or so, switch to sr2sieve. It's much faster, and easier, than using NewPGen/sr1sieve for each individual k.

As for your base 12 k=404 reservation not going through, Gary is on vacation so though he can get on mersenneforum a couple times a day, he can't update any of the web pages. So, even though it's not marked on the page yet, your reservation is still OK--though if you don't want to search it after all that's fine too.
Thanks for your tips, but in your srsieve example, I can see that there is an option to choose a min and max n aswell as the other usefull options known from sr1sieve. Now 2 questions, can I sieve from p1 using srsieve? and can I switch directly from srsieve to sr2sieve without having to do anything or changing the file(s)?

About the base 12 attack, I feel like its better to release it, since I've a lot of testing to do to find the most efficient way to attack the base3 problem. And about Gart being on vacation (hope that I was Gary now) I didn't know that, so thanks for telling me. So to sum up, I'm releasing the Base 12 sierpinski range for others to work on, and will now only consider to find the most efficient way to attack the base 3 riesel conjecture. The most efficient way seems to be as follows:

1. Use WinPFGW to n=2,500
2. Use srsieve from n=2,501 to n=25,000
3. To start out by testing the lowest k. If it fails to prime, then move all k's that somewhere is the product of 3 of tested k, which has no n value higher than n=25,000-(the times that k has been multiplied by 3). Doing this requires some manual work, but saves up to 8 hours LLR testing per k :)

If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask them or if you feels like joining the war please consider help :)

Go to to this page: (none) to check the progress and what I'm up to with this base. On this page you can also see what battleplans (I know dont lay out your plans in the open for your enemy to see) on how to combat this k the fastest :)

Thank you and take care!


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