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The Riesel base 3 is tested up to k=2M and n=25k. There is a 12 remaining k's and the ranges up to 100M is in progress at once. I found that taking the k to only n=5,000 and then do sieve of the remaining k's is much more efficient (about 90% faster). Is anyony by the way knowing of a great way to sieve many different k values from n=5,001 to n=25,000? I used to use NewPGen, but it requires a great deal of manual work to prepare the sieve files. Once the sieve files is prepared Sr1sieve can be used, using a .bat file and then sieveing will be rather easy, but anyone with a great idea to speedup and reduce the amont of manual work, please consider replying to me :)

On other notice to gary: I'm not working on the base 12 k=404 (sierpinski) since it appears that my reservation did not come through, and also I feel like wanting to do more somewhere else e.g. Base 3 Riesel Conjecture :)
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