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Originally Posted by Washuu
And if you want an example: my friend started factoring the number he obtained from comps.gz, from Paul Leyland's website (Cullen and Woodall numbers). These numbers are remaining composites in general form. But some of the numbers can be factorised by SNFS, he just forgot to search the C&W tables for the number he chose. Sieving stage started over 48 hours ago, so it's not worth to start again with another poly, we both were just curious if the polm0b can find better polynomial than in usual case.
I guess he is doing a General Cullen/Woodall numbers? What number is he doing? I've done all remaining with SNFS difficulty below 153 and currently doing the smallest available composite (c111) by GNFS. Planning to do a few more general numbers <115 digits so i would like to avoid duplication.
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