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Default is GGNFS checking for SNFS number?

Hi, quick questions for those familiar with polynomial selection tool in new GGNFS suite:

let's assume we have a general number N, that can be represented as SNFS k*x^p+c (example: 3049*1067^37-12321) But, somehow, user forgot to check this.

Can "polyselect" or "pol51m0b" find suitable polynomial for SNFS case? If the answer is: "only by accident", or "only with very small coefficients k,c of k*x^p+c" can you try to precise the conditions?

Maybe we can write some tool to check if the general number N is close to some power, or it's multiple, in some range of k,x,p,c?

In fact, I wrote such a procedure and seems to work (p<1024,k<2^18), hovewer it's very rough and stupid and without any smart optimisations, so I'd prefer not to share it yet. But another questions arises: Which one of the parameters is most important? For now it's sorting results by ascending c, dropping results when c > 10^10.

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