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I have posted 2.0.6 at sourceforge. Here are the improvements:
  • Fixed crash with xyyxsievecl with overly large ranges for the GPU.
  • More speed enhancements for xyyxsieve, mainly due to reduced memory requirements.
  • Do not show ETA or percent done if less than 1% done and -P not used.
  • Modify factor rate calculation to handle uneven factor distribution better.
  • Fix srsieve2 to not check for algebraic factors when abs(c) != 1.
  • Fix srsieve2 as it was counting factors of terms that had already been removed.

srsieve2 has some issues for (k*b^n+c)/d that are not fully worked out. The main ones are the removal of terms if d does not divide k*b^n+c and factors of (k*b^n+c)/d if gcd(d, p) > 1 and gcd(d, p) != p. I would appreciate if anyone could write some code to assist in those areas.
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