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Originally Posted by Mr. Odd View Post
Ed - thanks for all your work supporting these applications, I finally got aliqueit compiled and running. One thing I can't figure out - is there a way to have it automatically submit new terms to the FactorDB as it goes along, or is the only way after you've stopped it?
The short answer is, "No - Aliqueit won't update factordb until stopped and told to."

But, there are longer answers which can update along the way:

1. While running Aliqueit to build a sequence, you can invoke another instance to update the db. I do this often and have written a bash script to help me in my larger jobs. A script could be set up to automatically do updates on a schedule.

2. Aliqueit could alternately be set up in a script to complete one line at a time and submit it to the db.

3. Although not, using Aliqueit, there are scripts that work directly with the db to retrieve the last composite of a sequence, factor it (usually with YAFU) and return the factors to the db. Unfortunately, I can't find the source page, but there is one called that, I believe, was written by yoyo. If you would like more info on it, I can try to find it, or you might check with yoyo.
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