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Originally Posted by ChristianB View Post
I've done nothing to enable compilation with gmp-6.2. I was in the process of testing it myself but then yafu segfaulted and I tried to recompile which doesn't work with the version I have. I hadn't had time to update yafu. But my gmp-ecm 6.4.4 works well with GMP 6.2.0.

I now have several GMP and GMP-ECM versions in different directories that I first have to clean up before doing proper testing again. I also need to get my yafu working too.

In the meantime I figured out how to adapt to your ecmpi style logs. Have a try with this code: it only has the log changes not the b2scale changes (yet).
I d/led and compiled earlier today on a GMP-6.2.0 machine with no issue. Maybe something you did, "fixed" a minor trouble spot? I'll try the latest sometime soon and see how it runs.

Thanks for all the work!
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