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Default Class Traitors, Welcome to the Revolution

The title is original, at least in the In These Times publication.

"Many liberal professionals who supported Elizabeth Warren took their votes to Joe Biden, not Bernie Sanders. But they may still join a future left electoral coalition if they can face their own precarity."
This is a response to Zeeshan Aleem's piece, β€œTo Win Elections, Should the Left Be Nicer on the Internet?”, and part of a roundtable on lessons from the 2020 primaries.
The 2020 Democratic primary breathed momentary life back into the promise of political alternatives for working people. Once again, that promise has been snuffed out.

For progressives and leftists, now is the time for tough questions, one of the most critical and enduring of which will be: What genuine barriers to building a winning coalition emerged from this race and what, in retrospect, was just manufactured noise designed to divide us? How much substance is there, for instance, to the charge that a β€œtoxic” online culture cultivated by an ill-defined contingent of Bernie Sanders supporters on social media platforms constituted a serious (and statistically relevant) impediment to building such a coalition?

Depends on whom you ask.
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