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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
And this is the presumed Democratic presidential candidate!

It seems that many Americans will once again will vote for short term goals (re stock market) instead of long term goals (environment). It seems that the only way for Trump to lose is for the stock market to crash. His supporters certainly don't seem to care about his lies, his avoidance of any responsibility, his dictatorial nature, or his desire to not be help accountable to anyone.
And the DNC seems intent on doing everything in its power to help him win re-election ... they would rather lose with a horrid brain-addled establishment crook and neoliberal warmonger like Biden than let anyone with a shred of a progressive tendency near the nomination. So our not-really-a-choice is once again between Horrowshow #1 or Horrowshow #2. At this point it's beyond clear that the corrupt party duopoly must be smashed for there to be a glimmer of hope for the nation. None of this vote-for-the-lesser-evil phoney-choice BS.

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