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Originally Posted by CRGreathouse View Post
It looks from a quick Google search that the income tax in Nova Scotia is 8.79% for the first $29,590. So if your income x is less than $29,590, your taxes are 0.0879x, your post-tax income is 0.9121x, and your check amount would be decreased by about 0.0532x - $105 (capped at $0 and the check amount). At the high end that would be $1469.36.
forgot the federal taxes base tax rate between the two jumps to 23.79% if applied on the same amount of pretax income: wasn't told if that's pretax on NS taxes or not so I don't assume it is and used both on my math and got a need of almost $22,000 per year.

Maybe, I should make a table of tax brackets. I did try to make a spreadsheet once, or twice, on my computer. Using both federal, and provincial levels there's something like 10 tax brackets to fall into in NS (without even getting into capital gains) if they are on the same pretax amount.

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