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I haven't researched it myself. It is Canada colleague sent me the link. Did you see thurs section:
Following a tax credit model, the Ontario Basic Income Pilot will ensure that participants receive:

Up to $16,989 per year for a single person, less 50 per cent of any earned income
Up to $24,027 per year for a couple, less 50 per cent of any earned income
Up to an additional $6,000 per year for a person with a disability.
Participants in the pilot will be able to increase their total earnings by combining a basic income with income they earn through work. The basic income amount will decrease by $0.50 for every dollar an individual earns by working.

The basic income will be responsive to changes in a participant's circumstances, such as a significant decrease in earnings, change in family composition, or change in disability status.

Ontario will invest $50 million per year in the OBIP for each of the three years of the pilot.

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