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For shortened urls, factordb could do this itself. For large inputs, keep a SQL table with two columns of SHA256 and number, then if given a hash as input, select number from table. There are certainly other ways to implement, and if only done for large numbers it wouldn't be too bad. But it would take some dev time and seems like a not-that-useful feature.

For input, you need do it via a post rather than URL. 10MB seems to be a normal default size and can be easily expanded, though DDOS attacks can be an issue. Some versions of IIS apparently have really small defaults.

PRP testing is probably trying to time-limit processes. Otherwise someone will get excited and start PRP testing thouands of giant inputs and tie up the cores for a long time. In theory this could be broken into smaller steps, but that is dev work and may be awkward in use. E.g. your number is 5% PRP done, putting at back of queue, wait an hour while other things run, your number is 10% done, putting at back of queue, ...
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