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Default Re: Glucas/Mlucas errors...

Originally Posted by ewmayer
Apparently I was overly aggressive in setting the maximum exponent for the 480K FFT length - try using 512K instead.
It looks like that fixed it...

[code:1][Xyzzy:~/Desktop/Mlucas] mvang% ./Mlucas
looking for worktodo.ini file...
no worktodo.ini file found...switching to interactive mode.
Enter exponent, FFT length in K (set K = 0 for default FFT length) >9490001,512
Enter 'y' to run a self-test, <return> for a full LL test >y
Enter number of iterations for timing test>
Enter index of radix set to be used for the FFT:
(See file fft_radix.txt for a list of available choices; enter -1 to get the default) >-1
Enter 'y' to enable per-iteration error checking, <return> for no error checking >y
p is prime...proceeding with Lucas-Lehmer test...
M( 9490001 ): using FFT length 512K = 524288 8-byte floats.
this gives an average 18.1007404327393 bits per digit
INFO: Using real* 8 for FFT sincos and DWT weights tables inits.
WARN: radix set -1 not available - using defaults.
Using complex FFT radices 8 32 32 32
100 iterations of M 9490001 with FFT length 524288
Res64: F9C0781482193C32. Program: E2.7b
Clocks = 00:01:44.646
Originally Posted by ewmayer
As far as your 4608K run is concerned, I'm not sure how I settled on 87.7M as the max exponent for that FFT length, but it's much too large - my current version of the code lists 83.76M as pmax for 4608K.
Do you have a known self-test result I can use to test this range?
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