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Default need some advice: gnfs C164 from 162126:i4274

I think about gnfs'ing this one.

GMP-ECM failed to find a factor, did 2k curves at B1=110M, B2=default. Enough I guess?

This poly came up quite early:

# norm 6.257845e-16 alpha -6.143336 e 8.508e-13 rroots 3
skew: 20836454.90
c0:  15679837385732869622529327137425328966325
c1:  634300527717663660453424437257893
c2: -171419531873315925748960917
c3: -11750273807052233661
c4: -729125354572
c5:  12036
Y0: -74454053249923833901454562105026
Y1:  442492487829916909
Looks good enough to me.

I would have chosen:
rlim: 30M
alim: 30M
lpbr: 31
lpba: 31
mfbr: 62
mfba: 62
rlambda: 2.7
alambda: 2.7

and the 15e-siever, sieving from 15M up, algebraic side only.

Any comments/advice on this one?
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