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Thumbs up RMA 1.6 fixes LLR bugs!

I have altered LLR, so it behaves correctly, ie restart/stop.
LLR continues to run as a process, after you have shut it down(sometimes).
The fix forces the end process, and disables any network communication still running. This ensures no large primes you find are not distributed without your knowledge.

Oh yeah I've made a few other nifty changes too!
Sum of least squares, is a statistical approach for 15k hunters.
It takes predicted data, or PD and observed data OD, and finds the imaginary line which results in the least sum of squares. The reason this is a good approach is that predicted data, does not take into account the small log.
SSE2, now is optional with the flip of a switch.

Version 1.6 is fully automated so that it is a one step procedure, that continuously hunts for primes, returning the results onscreen.

Version 1.6 You need this software.
Coming ~ 6/1/04

If there are any additional suggestions that you would like included in this program, please comment before 5/29/04.
Shane F.