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Originally Posted by RichardB View Post
Fixed, I found the unlinking on the site, for those that need to know- click computers in the account page, check the ones that you don't want, check the box by the button and click the remove button.
More often what happens (as is noted on the bottom of the CPU page) is that one of your CPUs gets duplicated in error. In this case you may be better off "Merging CPUs" instead of "Removing" one. Note however that I have found that it is always the older copy that gets merged "into" the newer one. This can be an issue when the newer one is reported incorrectly: this has also happened to me several times. When this has happened I have had to stop and start prime95 once or twice until it detects the correct CPU type; then I do a manual communication and then merge again.

In my case (and this happened about a dozen times already) is that when the CPU is duplicated in error; the newer; and sometimes incorrectly typed CPU often has some of all of the assignments. I suspect that dropping a CPU with assignments will also drop thoses assignments; just guessing because I have never dropped a CPU.

If you are okay for now that may only serve as documentation for next time; or for others with similar issues.

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