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Originally Posted by Mark Rose View Post
You might want to ask on

I know Wendell over there 3D printed some blowers to put server GPUs into desktop cases.
Thanks! I've been looking at 3D fan shrouds, etc., but I'm running into all kinds of other things trying to piece something together. I'm even having trouble figuring out a heat sink/cooler if I get a LGA2011 board to support Xeon E5-26XX CPUs. Everything shows either clips with nothing to hook them to, or a round base mount that won't fit within the RAM modules. And every desktop board that looks like it might match what I'm looking for has a heavily heatsinked component right under where the double-wide GPU will sit. That's why a machine I already have didn't work. That component kept hanging up the motherboard because I couldn't put a fan on it with the GPU in place.

I've actually given up for now, but I do appreciate your post.
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