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I was not logged on for a year because of problems at home.

Read the other discussion about this if you happen to know about it.

Here expecting a little better for not that large size number, but here quite even factors.

Try it yourself, because this is not working on a laptop computer.

Checking in later for perhaps adding it here to the Factor Database.

But also it became that of spacing between the lines again, needing a delete of half the lines.

Trying Go Advanced in Edit mode, but here not knowing if this becomes the current setting, except still editing.

Nice and perhaps not needed above, but I am not so concerned about the listed cofactors here,
but rather that it is not supposed to "divide" from a larger RSA number either.

Perhaps should have been mentioned first, but only noticing that it should be easier having a small piece of the cake,
rather than the one still left in the desk.

If I choose to do so using either a 309 or 617 digit number, it fails for that of getting the wrong number as a result,
making for only small factors, and not the one being wished for.

Except that it should be still a Secret, it becomes the other way of getting at it for only being more cumbersome.

Also that the C97 made it to the factors using SIQS here instead, using the laptop.

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