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One observation: is it possible to transform javascript links in hard links? One reason, beside of the fact that few people here are scared of javascript (Hello Retina! ), is that the js links are hiding the real link until it is clicked, and when clicked, it opens in another window. If I want to open 5 of them in the same time for comparisons or whatever stupid reason I may have, then I end up with 6 different browsers (including the initial one) floating around my monitors. There is also no way to right click it and tell what to do with the link (like copy it or open it in another place/tab/etc). This looks like a hacker site that deliberately hides the links, and functionally, it is a bit bothering when we want to open more (or all) sequences at once and have them in different tabs in the same browser (actually, impossible to do without heavily altering firefox behavior, because the js link is bypassing the ff's "Open links in tabs instead of new windows" settings).
No dev tools? copy the link from there ?
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