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Well, for whatever reason, Norm attempted to run an LL test on an exponent before a P-1 test had been done on it. This means that Prime95 will try to do the P-1 test even if the assignment was for LL. For whatever reason, Prime95 (after failing to run the P-1 test for some reason) seems to be preferring to run an LL test in the queue for an exponent that has had a P-1 test over resuming the LL test for the exponent that hasn't had P-1 done.

My suggestion for Norm is to just adjust your settings so that the P-1 test can run, rather than trying to skip it. Then after the P-1 test finishes, it would seem Prime95 should be happy to continue the LL for that exponent. Or do you have some reason for wanting to skip the P-1 test?
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