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It's perfectly normal for Prime95 to pause an LL test to do a P-1 test on the same exponent. There doesn't have to be an explicit P-1 assignment on the same exponent. I'm guessing 20:00 is when your preferences has nighttime hours starting, and it perhaps thought it should do a P-1 test at the time since your preferences may allow use of more memory during nighttime hours. It does seem a little late within the LL to start P-1, but a DC will still be needed (eventually) after your LL finishes, so maybe it still makes sense to do.

My guess is Prime95 thinks a P-1 test ought to be done on that 109M exponent, and maybe your memory settings are too low for that P-1 test to get done. I might suggest increasing Prime95's memory setting, stopping and exiting Prime95, editing the worktodo.txt to put your 109M back to the front of its queue (if in fact Prime95 changed the order of the assignments in the worktodo.txt), and restarting Prime95.

I imagine there is a way to coerce Prime95 to not try to do that P-1 test, if that's what you really want.

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