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thanks for all the input!

i actually allocated 1600mb, but have plenty more if it would benefit from it (running 16gb of ram, so there is plenty)

so its been running about a week, and with the 7 cores (i7, quad core amd, and an old pentium) i already have done about 50% GHz days of what i did the last time i was involved; which took about an entire YEAR! unbelievable what these new cpu's can do (with unlimited memory). i actually set them on small trial factoring just to make sure everything was working right (since LL took months before, i wanted some feedback i had the worker threads set right since i hadnt done this with hyperthreading before), and, well, i look at the results page and see it has done about 8 thousand factors! so time to switch to something more productive i think....:)
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