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Default Worker Windows - Optimal settings

i had several computers running prime95 for a few years, but stopped a couple years ago due to heat related issues on one of them. none of my prior experience was with hyperthreading cpus.

but now i decided to restart, and installed the program on 3 computers; one is single core, one is quad core, one is quad core with hyperthreading (i7)

the quad core with hyperthreading; i set this for 4 worker windows and 2 cpus to use, but all i get is 50% cpu usage. the load seems to be balanced on all 8 threads.

does this make sense? or is something set incorrectly? i tried various options, searched the forums (found a lot of conflicting info) but am not sure the best settings here.

currently i have it set for factoring only so i can get some quick results, and if i have to reset something i dont lose much cpu time.

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