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Oh, I knew I was forgetting stuff ...

The large-FFT test is also the one that will make your system run hot if its cooling system isn't adequate, because it's the one that makes the highest percentage of your system's circuitry busy simultaneously.

I think you could use custom test and specify a very large FFT size and large memory to maximize the heat factor. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, please.)

So, since heat (i.e., inadequate cooling) is one of the most common reasons (perhaps the most common reason) for a system to fail the torture test:

if you want the one single simplest possible torture test to maximally stress your system, do the large-FFT (or custom with specified large FFT/memory) test for 48-72 hours, so that your system goes through at least a couple of full daily temperature cycles in whatever room it's in.
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