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Question What are optimal settings for Prime95 Torture Test


I was hoping somebody can point me in the right direction.

I have a number of systems ranging from

System 1

* P43 Board
* E5200 2.5GHz 2mb L2 Cache @ 3.75Ghz
* 4GB 8500 Mhz Memory
* Vista 64Bit

System 2

* P45 Board
* Q9650 3.0Ghz 12mb L2 Cache @ 4.00Ghz
* 4GB 8500 Mhz Memory
* Vista 64Bit

System 3 (My latest beauty :) )

* X58 Board
* Core i7 920 2.66Ghz 8mb Cache @ 3.8Ghz
* 6Gb 1600 Mhz Memory
* Vista 64 Bit

I have had these system running for some time 90% stable and have benched them at what I presumed was the correct settings for Prime.

My routine is to normally build my system, flash to latest bios then Memtest using Memtest86+ for at least 10 full passes. This is carried out at standard settings to make sure I don't have any faulty hardware to start with.

After this is complete the Operating system, latest drivers and patches are applied.

I then set about overclocking :D

In the past I have just used Prime95 under torture test at standard settings using "In-place Large FFT's"
Normally the systems can run for 2 days quite easily without any errors.

However after speaking with a friend of mine he added that it will not be running a Complete system level test, it will only be torture testing the CPU.

Is this correct?
Should I be using small, blend or even a custom test?

Even though the system is running at 100% load the system is still pretty responsive, which is whats leading me to the assumption that I've not got prime setup & torture testing to the best of its abilities.

Regarding "options>cpu settings and information" Should I have a maximum memory amount set here?

If i was then to run a second set of tests with 3DMark 06 or 3DMark Vantage in the foreground to test VGA stability together with a CPU/Memory stress test I'd need to reserve approx 1GB of memory free. How would I set Prime to reserve at least 1024mb of memory.

What settings should I be using to give an overall complete system test?

Any help in clarifying these issues would be very helpful.

Many thanks.
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