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Hmm... a "Don't take N for an answer" option should not be too hard, once I figure out how the loop in main.c works again. In the meantime, if you find N frequently, it's a strong hint that the B1,B2 values are too high.

If you give "-v -v" verboseness and a composite factor is found in stage 2, it'll test each point of evaluation for a factor (instead of just their product) and try to determine the largest prime factor in the group order associated with each prime factor of N. A side effect is that usually the prime factors of the composite factor of N are printed. (And when I tested whether that code actually still works, I found that the code could segfault sometimes... fixed in SVN, but beware if you use 6.2.2. There are enough bugs piling up that we may need a 6.2.3 soon. )

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