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Originally Posted by science_man_88 View Post
my family doctor is a 2 hour bus ride each way. and the closest thing to counselling I've had was school councilors or the psychologist that diagnosed me with Asperger's last year or the year before ( confirmed diagnosis at least in their eyes).
Your mission today, if you choose to accept it, is to say at least one nice thing about yourself.

I'll start the ball rolling. Not only are you an intelligent person interested in mathematics and science but when you think about mathematics you often show the work you have done, for example in pari, etc.

You are going through a rough patch and I'm not good for giving advice since I have issues that I don't cope well with, myself.

What I want you to do is let yourself be nicer to yourself. Even if in some small minor way.

When my sweetheart would criticize herself, say, after dropping something, I would tell her to stop. The negative judgment sticks a little too much and isn't how I saw her and not how I wanted her to see herself.

So I'm asking you to try to give yourself a break. The situation around you is frustrating and discouraging, I think from some of the things you've said here lately but that is not the whole picture. You are part of the picture and you are worthy of treating yourself well.

Hack your feelings a bit. Some of what you do have control over is how you feel about things. Just let yourself relax a bit. Let yourself have a break.

At least keep talking to us here. When my girlfriend died I was fortunate enough to have some therapy and based on what my therapist told me I spoke about it here. It was raw and unpolished but I mentioned it here among people who've known me in some way over the years just as we're in a similar position regarding speaking to you.

So as hard as it gets, talk about it here some. Seek a little comfort or acknowledgment here. There are other, more professional things to consider and do as best you can but take a deep breath, look around and jot down a thought or two here in this small corner of the hello-world world.

Ross Schiff
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