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Science Man, a crucial question in my mind is whether you are able to talk to anyone in your real life about everything that's going on. And I mean really talk to that person and not have them immediately fire back their own snap "solutions" to your troubles and end the conversation. If you have someone in your life that you trust and who really listens to you, then that is ideal.

But it's likely that you don't. Really good listeners who have the time to spend listening to you are rare. Unless you are lucky, you are probably dealing with your troubles largely by yourself. And talking about them here online, while it may have some value for you, is just too limiting in its nature to be any substitute for face-to-face conversation.

Which is where Nick's suggestion above of counselling comes in. A professional who is there solely to listen to you and support you can be the way forward. I wonder if you've ever tried that before. If you have, I wonder if the counsellor in question "clicked" with you and did their job well enough to give you any real help (quite often it doesn't work with one counsellor and changing to a different one may make the difference).

As Nick says, your doctor should be able to refer you for counselling if, in your doctor's opinion, that would indeed be helpful.
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