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Originally Posted by a1call View Post
Someone I knew had a grade 3 education, and he just happened to end up the GM of a very big corporation.

Hey SM,
I will tell you what I have been thinking about lately.
In have been trying to come up with a formula that yields a not too large integer which is highly divisible. As such it works be useful in in CFDv factoring.
Check this out m = a-small-primorial and n = a power of 2
In the formula
for (i=1,m,p =n^i ), you get an integer which factors into lots of primes. It is similar to a factorial but not as exhaustive or as large. If I could come up with a range based formula to set the concentration range of the primes, I'd have something.
What do you think.
is the closest my mind gets right now without much searching there are properties these numbers have.
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