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Originally Posted by def View Post
Tried ping'ing and it worked fine with the correct IP address. But the client still won't connect.
Is there anything holding you back from upgrading to the latest client, other than the time it takes for the steps involved?

I *think* the instructions are clear about how to do it. Create a new v5 account and use the v4 migration link to port your old v4 credits to the new login.

That should do it on the server side of things. Save your results.txt and your prime.spl file if it exists, since you haven't been able to communicate with the server lately. In fact, backup the whole old directory somewhere, just in case. For both of your Prime95 instances.

Download the new client and unzip into a new directory. You'll just want to merge the 2 different worktodo.ini files into a single file. And copy your in-progress files to the new directory.

Start up the new instance and you'll enter your new v5 user/password, set a machine name, etc.

If anyone has done one of these upgrades lately, please correct me if I'm wrong on any of that and we'll make sure we get the right steps listed.
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