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Originally Posted by def View Post
For a few days now I've been getting:
ERROR 2250: Server Unavailable
Tried searching for postings that might be relevant to this but not found anything. And I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread or post in this one. I'm still runing version 24.14 of the software (2 instances on a dual core machne). If the solution to this is to upgrade, do the instructions to upgrade to a versions that can deal with multi-core still exist.
For a V4 migration, click here and follow the version 24 special instructions:

I'm not sure why a v4 client would have errors... James or George might be able to shed some light.

There's a special handler on the website that takes traffic from old v4 clients and emulates what the old server side code used to do. Whenever possible, I'd recommend updating the client anyway. You'll benefit from any updates in the code itself whether it was fixing something or improving performance.
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