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There are at least two systems that allow you to distribute work over the network. One is called LLRNet, and is used by a number of projects here. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with it.

The other is a server I wrote , called SBprp. It is a Java program that serves work to the client written for the Seventeen or Bust project. Just extract the file in your LLR directory, copy (or rename) your llr.ini to prp.ini, overwriting my example, and run "java SBprp". It serves work on that machine, on port 5911 (0x1717), so install Seventeen or Bust clients on all your machines, and point them there.

The big problem with SBprp is that it will only do Proth tests (k*2^n+1), not Riesel tests (k*2^n-1) (or anything else). Oh, and k's over 2^31 won't go over well either.

As for monitoring, one command that helps is "tail -f". To look for new work on all those machines, for instance, try:

tail -f -s 60 -n 0 /path/LLR/llr01/llr.ini /path/LLR/llr02/llr.ini /path/LLR/llr03/llr.ini
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