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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
Happy (or anyone else), if you want to try, and above all, if you dare ...
Originally Posted by Happy5214 View Post
OK, I'll start it when I wake up Tuesday. It's too late in the night tonight to start a full run, but I'll do a few partials beforehand to gauge viability.

Edit: The abundance is 0.953977 at 1e7 and 0.991091 at 1e8, so I think this exponent is a winner! I'll confirm tomorrow.
I ran it to 2.5e8, and that's all it needed.

$ time ./powerTrialFactoring 3 -x k.txt -l 250000000 -t 8 > output.txt  

real    51m17.165s
user    316m13.391s
sys     0m0.268s

$ grep -F "abundant" output.txt
Index 1 of 3^364[... omitted ...]125 is abundant! (1.00189)
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