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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
It's a good thing I read that after my meeting. Or else they would have seen me fall out of my chair and ROFLMAO (out of frame)...
Why is that ROFL worthy? Having an "If This Then That" recipe that provides little audio notices for live events would be useful. An example might be the world cup. Set your favored team. When they play every time a team scores either a low tone sounds with their opponent scores or a high tone when they score. At the end of the game to beeps of the same tone tells the winner. A space launch could have a similar thing with progressing 2 tones. Election results, pick your side and get tones as results roll in. When your SO sends an SMS that they are home safe/their flight got in, what ever, a distinct tone sequence that reveals more than the "hey you got an SMS" noise. These could be useful while driving or in a meeting (a vibration pattern if the phone is on silent).
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