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Default How can I move work to a new OS on the same computer?

I'm doing a probable prime (PRP) test with the exponent 110068781

B1=663000, B2=8016000

I don't understand what the B1 and B2 are, but that's not my main However, if someone can point me to a link which explains the significance of B1 and B2, I would be pleased to see it.

This computer is running CentOS 7.9, but I need to change to CentoOS 7.8 to run a specific bit of software, so a downgrade is necessary. I have installed the older OS on another physical disk drive, which allows me to dual-boot the computer, but the hostname, kernel version, operating system version will all be different, and perhaps the MAC address too - not sure about that one.

I can keep the computer on 24 hours per day, but I can't keep it running CentOS 7.9 24 hours per day - perhaps 12 hours is more reasonable.

What's the best thing to do? I can think of a few options

1) Install mprime on the older 7.8 system, grab a new exponent, and run that 12 hours per day, switching back to the 7.9 system for the other 12 hours. So I'm doing two exponents on the one physical computer, but not simultaneously.

2) Don't run mprime on the system I downgraded to 7.8, just on the 7.9 system. That seems less effective, as then I can't run 24 hours per day.

3) Move the job from the 7.9 system to the 7.8 system. That would suite me best, but I don't know how to do it, and I don't know if you would want me to do it. Potentially if there was a bug in one operating system, but not the other, a problem could occur.

The CPUs and RAM will not change of course.
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