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Hey guys thanks for helping me in the troubleshooting! I have been busy these days and couldn’t research my problem further.
So I suspect the issue is on the PSU or in the cpus.
So far mostly PSU.
The reason:
I measured my wattage consumption during prime usage. ( check the pdf for data).
When the PC is idddle is consumes 110 w.
After stating to crunch the numbers the power consumption goes to 530W. Right There is where I have the best performance around 7 ms/itr.
A minute later the power consumption goes down to around 500 and the ms/itr goes a little bit upper 7....
And that keeps going on until the consumption stabilizes in 370 W and me/itr close do 16....

I could correlate the wattage consumption to the performance. See data attached.

In order to verify if I was restrained by the PSU.
I ran a small test using just one CPU instead of both.
The results I got were 16 ms/itr. I did not check the power consumption.
So if I was being restrained by PSU using two CPUs, I thought I would not be so restrained using just one cpu. Therefore I was expecting to find lower ms/itr. That did not happen!!!

My power supply is rated for 500 W.
I have a Z9PR-D12 MB.
Before the cpu upgrades the consumption was around 330 W running p95. (2 x e5-2620_ 95W ea).
Since then I removed all the 6 1u fans and added two water cooling systems.

I tried to plug two 500W PSU. One supplying power to the MB and the other for both CPUs. Glad I did not burn my machine. Later I read how bad that can be.

I also ran tests on a new p95 copy and I got similar ms/itr... around 16. So that leads me to believe it is not a config issue.

Also changing the parameters in the BIOS had no shown no difference in ms/itr.
As of now my 2620 machine consumes less power and works faster than my 2690 machine.

Any thoughts?
Thanks again for your suggestions.
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