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Originally Posted by Bobby Jacobs View Post
It is weird that we know all twin prime gaps up to 4426 in the numbers up to 1.05e15. However, we have searched up to 1.84467e18 for regular prime gaps, and we have still not found a gap of 716. That seems strange because twin primes are a lot rarer than prime numbers.
Naturally, twin primes are rarer, so the gaps between them are more numerous.

I was a bit lazy to finish my range, but new results should arrive this week.

Looking at arXiv: 1807.08777 (J. P. Sorenson and J. Webster: Two algorithms to find primes in patterns), (also jzakiya's program in Misc.Math) I should consider writing my own algorithm in C sooner or later, there has to be a faster method than the one I'm currently using.

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