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Default Queue management for 16e queue

Post jobs here you wish to be run on the 16e siever = f_small queue.

1. Greg has requested a maximum lim of 225M to keep memory use comfortably below 1GB/client process and to keep our jobs from overlapping the size of his. Edit: 200/250M should be acceptable, averaging to 225M.
2. The more jobs posted to 16e rather than 15e, the faster 15e will move along.

Many jobs are roughly the same speed on 15e and 16e; for instance, GNFS 184-187. Post where you like, but consider posting test-sieve and suggested Q-range for both 15e and 16e if your job is near the crossover; both so others can learn where the crossover is, and so the queue managers can keep the wait as short as possible on all queues.

Note: Greg has also requested a lim cap of 200M on 15e.

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