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Originally Posted by Uncwilly
Googleing Blowzy night frumps, to see if blowzy is a word, revealed that this is not an original.

Also, this contains a proper name: Jack

Remember the goal is to get as many words as possible first, then the number of letters, etc.
Warm plucky G.H.Q jinx, fez to B.V.D's.

Originally given by Hammer in the form of the following monoalphabetic substitution cryptogram: ABCD EFGHIJ K.L.M NOPQ, RST UV W.X.Y'Z.

First known solution jointly discovered by Jim and Marrietta Gillogly and Paul and Jean Leyland, ably abetted with a Scrabble set and an adequate supply of beer and single malt Scotch whisky.

Look it up in the sci.crypt archives if you want any more information.

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