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Unhappy By hand

You should:
1. go to
2. choose the exponent range
3. the "How far factored range"
4. click "Get Data"
5. "save as a text file"
6. format a file by hand or by a parser (I don't know any; you have to write it by yourself)
1. Standard form is nnnnnnnn-->bb,
where n...n is exponet, next Tab, next bits.
2. Checking the option "Print simple text report" gives
nnnnnnnn,bb,, in each line.
3. Not more than 10 thousends numbers is listed,
so, for example, it is enough to download exponents
in the range 67.0-67.4M factored to 63 bits
(about 24M exponents in each 1M range factored to
63 bits).
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