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gribozavr, maybe you can post a time (UTC) when you'd like to have everyone's DEL files...what they have sieved up to that point. That way you can have the leanest dat file to be drawing the first range.

Also, I suggest releasing only enough work for a week...maybe 500-750M?? With one more week of sieving, we should be at 1126T. That will save ~16 tests per M.

2^49 = 563T ~365 k/M
2^50 = 1126T ~349 k/M
2^51 = 2252T ~334 k/M
2^52 = 4504T ~321 k/M

The 26th is the start date as Rytis won't be available on the 25th...unless you can get him the range before he turns in for the the 24th.
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