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PRP test is the "new fashion", having the advantage that (with the last development in theory) the double-check is not needed anymore (or it can be done much faster), as well as the running of the test effectively, is safer for hardware errors. The disadvantage is that a PRP test will not say for sure if a number is prime (like LL test does), it will only say for sure if the number is composite, but say only probabilistically if a number is prime. If such number is found, for which the PRP test says "this number has a high probability to be prime", then a LL test still has to be run for that number.

For the scope of this discussion (residues, shifts, factoring, etc), LL test and PRP test means the same thing. When you read that math page, every time you read "LL test", you can substitute in your mind with "PRP Test". The work similar.
Thanks. This is the answer I've needed since the beginning of this thread, so I can test the Mersenne exponents, wait and see whether it's a prime or not.
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