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The exponent is not assigned to you on the server "PrimeNet error 40: No assignment".

It is assigned to GPU72 for factoring and someone else might take it before you finish:103374163

103M is in Category 1:
which means your computer must have completed a certain number of exponents before:

Category 1 First 96162 assignments. Exponents below 105757724.

Computer must have enough LL and DC GHz-days over the last 120 days to indicate the assignment will be completed in 30 days.
Computer must have no expired assignments or bad or suspect results in the last 120 days.
Computer must have returned at least 5 results in the last 120 days.
Setting for "days of work to queue" <= 5.
Not available for manual testing.
Must be completed in 90 days
Assignments are recycled if assignment is not started within 20 days or does not report in for 30 days or when assignment is more than 90 days old.
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