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I'm wondering if others experience this, or it is, in fact, due to something in my "farm" setup.
I've had a few duplicate WUs, and they all seem to be caused by a WU timing out and being resubmitted to another client but then finishing on the original client anyway. I removed all such files before running any filtering on my current job. The expired WUs don't get registered in the logfile when they finish, so they don't appear to affect timing data.

Now for the promised duplication rate check:

57.6M CPU-seconds of sieving starting at Q=500k gave
Tue May  5 13:55:03 2020  found 154133454 duplicates and 213177040 unique relations
57.6M CPU-seconds of sieving starting at Q=5M gives
Tue May  5 21:03:43 2020  found 121345816 duplicates and 217856601 unique relations
The second run has more unique relations despite having 28M fewer raw relations! So 500k is definitely too low to start.

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