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Originally Posted by storm5510 View Post
You've got to be using more than a single machine to do this? I wouldn't want to pay your electric bill!
At home I have 5 x i5-6600 underclocked to 3.3 GHz. I also have 2 x i3-4170. The mprime cost is about 400 watts, or about $55/month. Four of those i5-6600 run off a single power supply consuming around 260 to 270 watts. That cluster produces about 2.66 results per day, or about $0.48 per 40M DC in electricity.

At work, an i7-4770k, 2 x i7-4770, an i7-3770, an i5-2500k, and an i3-2120 run full time. I also run on another i7-4770 part time that's temporarily offline.
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