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Originally Posted by Gelly View Post
It's done! Precise count is 3934149s (45.5 days), although I had another decent power outage that had it not working for about a day. Seems like it saved the time stats correctly, though! Uploaded on FactorDB - though, it seems like it's having a hard time starting processing on it, so it's currently not there. Not worried, though - I'm sure it'll make it to processing eventually.

Probably more appropriate than silly-lookin PRPs. Since Ryan's got M78737, I will do the certification of M84211 (PRP25291). Good size, leaves the gap for M82939, in case anyone wants to cert a slightly smaller PRP, and I also just like how M84211 visually looks.

Go to and create a new prover account based on a "c" code for Primo if you don't already have one. Then you can submit your newly certified prime under the new code with the comment: ECPP, like this:

10^25333-2*10^5182-3 ECPP

For Mersenne cofactors the comment should be: Mersenne cofactor, ECPP

Also use sendspace or similar to send Marcel Martin a download link for the certificate and you will get a listing on his top20 Primo proofs page.

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